Company Guideline

Company Guideline

Silver thawJapan is a country worth visiting. There are real estate and investment opportunities just waiting for perceptive buyers.

These opportunities include many services and products such as real estate, movable property, food products and travel.

Our company named “Hokkaido (HK) Limited” (HHK) is based in Hokkaido. As a professional dealer in Hong Kong, we promote valuable and high quality products.

Fireworks in ToyaThe operations and planning of HHK is fully administered by“Hokkaido Marketing Limited ”(HMS) from our Head Office in Hokkaido. HMS is supported and financed by reputable firms in Hokkaido and is acting as a marketing consultant to HHK.

greenHMS is a company which introduces and promotes the products and services of Hokkaido and its resources all over the world. Its aim is to give overseas companies an overall idea on the value of Hokkaido, liaise with dealers in different countries as well as sell Hokkaido products. HMS has a marketing role to promote Hokkaido outside Japan. We, at Hokkaido (HK) Limited, believe Hokkaido Marketing Limited is the number one dealer in the world.

Company Outline

1. Services / Products to be provided
・ Real estate
( development sites for resort business、resort facilities in services, land for houses , condominiums、vacation houses, agricultural land、forest、residential area、other investment property, others)
・ Movable property
(horse racing、fishing rights、farming rights、agricultural rights, others)
・ Food products
(seafood, fish & shellfish, agricultural products, farm products, candy-making、processed food, food products, other)
・ Travel
(Travel arrangement, services, others)
・ Others
(Other services that are incidental to the above-mentioned in Hokkaido、Trade material.)
2. Main Office Address
Suite2408, 24/F, Tower2, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, H.K
3. Representatives
・Nakaoda Seiichi
・Takeuchi Yoshimi
4. Related Banker
5. Real Estate Agent
Maria TAM